Premise Beach

Premise Beach
Premise Beach is Jon Covell, a Manchester based singer, songwriter and intermittent home-recorder.

While studying design at college, Jon was inspired to buy a 4-track tape recorder and start producing songs. On and off, he’s been writing, playing, recording, experimenting and producing home recorded music ever since.

As Jon’s recordings have developed and broadened into a multi-instrumental sound, he decided to adopt the name Premise Beach, a studio-based entity, with the final track recording always the ultimate goal. Jon has, in fact, never performed his music publicly. This is for a number of reasons: general lack of inclination, practicalities, and, ironically, a case of acute hearing sensitivity.

Though generally guitar led, the sound of Premise Beach is the result a broad range of influences, which include pop, rock, blues, folk, soul and movie soundtracks. Says Jon, “I just like any music with a hook – a melody, a change of beat, turn of phrase or a chord pattern that pleases my ear. I’m always aiming to make music with that hook”.


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